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Jonesboro is A town in Clayton County in Georgia located 15 miles south east of Atlanta, the nation's capital city. It was initially founded as Leaksville in 1823 but was later renamed in honor of railroad official Samuel G. Jones.

Initially spelled Jonesborough, Town was first incorporated in 1859 and has been the setting of the literary classic book "Gone With the Wind" written by Margaret Mitchell. Tara, the fictional legendary home of Scarlett O'Hara and her family from the publication, which is put inside a plantation, was supposed to be situated five miles outside of Jonesboro, the nearest town. And in reference to this house's name, the Tara Stadium and Road to Tara Museum were established from the city government.

Currently known as the official home of "Gone With the Wind," thousands Of people visit the city to find out more about carlett O'Hara along with the mythical Tara.

Not only that, Jonesboro may be familiar to a moviegoers since many Of the scenes in the 1977 film "Smokey and the Bandit" were filmed at the city, such as another 1977 film, 'In Hot Pursuit (aka The Polk County Pot Plane)."

The movie "We're Marshall" was also temporarily Filmed at the Tara Stadium, that was changed from green to light blue and light yellow for the scene.

Authorities of Jonesboro has included in its tourism activities a Gone With the Wind Tour, a nostalgic audio narrative through the rich and romantic antebellum era that prompted Mitchell's legendary novel.

This guided tour will entertain guests with the stories of Mitchell's world-renown novel and its own unique ties to Jonesboro.

The tour, which lasts for 70 minutes, comprises visits To notable sites like the Patrick Cleburne Confederate Cemetery, Warren House and Road to Tara Museum.

Unique landmark, the Stately Oaks Plantation.

The plantation grounds comprise the main house, Juddy's 1896 Country Store, a one-room school home, a separate log kitchen, a well house and a tenant house,

Built in 1839, the main house of this plantation is a Greek It's located in the Margaret Mitchell Memorial Park and has been maintained as a historic home that is accessible for both interior and floor tours.

Stately Oaks Plantation is also Called Orr House, The Oaks, and Robert McCord House. It Was recorded on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and is included in the Jonesboro Historic District.

The farm, that has since been revived, is now owned By the Historical Jonesboro/Clayton County Inc.. It's open every day for scheduled tours.

Jonesboro, GA

Known as the official house of "Gone With the Wind," a literary classic book written by Margaret Mitchell, which was later made into a film.

Visitors have many things to look website ahead in Jonesboro, a city that is extremely full of history.

Aside from linking the Gone With the Wind scheduled Tours, people will surely have fun at the Clayton County International Park, which provides plenty of yearlong activities for the whole family.

Go fishing in the spring-fed six-acre lake or have fun at the experience kiddie pool, slides and sandy shores.

Beach volleyball enthusiasts can also play in the same Site at which the 1996 Olympic athletes competed for gold.

Together with 17 courts, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a fitness center, trails for biking and walking, and a group picnic area.

There are also pavilions or party rooms which can be Rented for almost any event.

The Clayton County International Park, that was the site Of the 1996 Olympic contests and is a portion of the filming of "Hunger Games: Catching Fire," is open yearlong but the beach is just open starting Memorial Day weekend.

Guests may also take a glimpse in the classic book "Gone With the Wind" with a tour in the Road to Tara Museum. Tara is the fictional legendary home of Scarlett O'Hara along with her family from the publication.

The memorial, which is housed in the 1867 Historic Train Depot, tells the development of the real history of the Civil War's Atlanta Campaign and the 1864 Battle of Jonesboro and Mitchell's and Hollywood's "Gone With the Wind" book and movie. It includes items from both the "Gone With the Wind" novel and movie together with artifacts from the Civil War.

The museum also features exhibits of Mitchell's china, Reproductions of Scarlett's most famous dresses, foreign variant library and the four pictures of the main characters which hung on the Richardson Building during the 1939 Atlanta premiere.

Fans of both the book and the movie Will Certainly enjoy looking At original movie props and apparel items, original manuscripts, costume reproductions, extensive photo gallery and total collectible plate and doll collection within the museum.

Visitors can also see a genuine "Sherman's Necktie" along with a hand-painted diorama of this two-day conflict of Jonesboro.

Guests who are not familiar with the "Gone With the Wind" Novel and film can surely find out about it whenever they visit Jonesboro in Georgia.

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